We found our farm in 2007. It is in the Gleann na nGealt valley near Camp, Co. Kerry. It was a 25 acre smallholding with 4 empty fields and a yard with 3 small leaking outbuildings. After a lot of intensive work we now have the basics of a working mixed farm. We repaired the existing buildings and erected a large main shed. This also houses an office. There is now electricity and water where needed. The farm is currently providing the shop with meat, eggs, salads, vegetables, fruit and wheatgrass. There are also young fruit trees, poultry, and pigs on the farm.

The farm has full organic certification (licence 5720) with IOFGA (Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association). All our farm waste organic material and that from our farm shop Manna Organic Store (also fully certified – licence number 4799) is recycled as compost or as animal or poultry feed. We use the tried and tested methods of rotations, fertilizing with organic manure and seaweed. We make liquid feeds from nettles and comfrey. We also re-mineralise the soil with Sea-90, de-hydrated sea water that contains all 90 minerals and elements necessary for life and growth. We have done a lot, but to borrow a phrase from a well worn out source, “there’s a lot more to do”.

While Fully certified Organic with IOFGA (Irish Farmers and Growers Association).
We grow and raise our farm produce, using Biodynamic, permaculture and agroforestry systems.

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We grow our wheatgrass on our certified organic farm. But the real magic comes from growing it directly in the soils of the Gleann na nGealt valley on the Dingle peninsula.

The amazing water in the valley and the Sea-90 salt we add to re-mineralise the soil gives everything that our wheatgrass needs to grow strong and healthy. This means our wheatgrass has grown to its full potential absorbing all the goodness it is renowned for, ready to impart it to you for increased Energy, Strength and Vitality. We deliver all over Ireland – Go here to order!

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