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About Us

Manna Organic Store can be found on the Island of Geese, Strand Street, Tralee. It is owned and managed by Claire and Thomas O’Connor. It is a fully certified Organic Shop, selling a wide range of delicious organic fruit, vegetables and organic wholefoods.

With produce from our own farm, and other local organic farms, Manna is a shop with a difference. It is ALL about the taste. At Manna we sell all kinds of organic fruit and vegetables, some depending on the season. We bring in as much stock as possible from the local organic farms, including our own. And we have a buying policy to get our non-Irish stock from as close to Ireland as possible.

A little bit more about us ....

Our Philosophy

We want to eat food that is grown and raised ethically and organically. We want our friends and family to eat food that is grown and raised ethically and organically. Actually, we want everyone on the planet to eat food that is grown and raised ethically and organically.

We believe that everyone should have access to safe, healthy, nutritious and delicious food. So we set up our organic farm (link to farm blog) to grow nutritionally dense and tasty vegetables, and then set up our own shop to sell them. We spend our spare time working with local and national organic, environmental and community groups. We have been involved with Transition Kerry since its start in 2008. We have also spent time working with IOFGA, Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association and the OGI, the Organic Growers of Ireland.

Organic food and caring for the environment we live in is not just a job for us – it is our life, we live it every day – on the farm, in the shop and at home.

Our farm has full organic certification (licence 5720) with IOFGA (Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association). All our farm waste organic material and that from our shop (also fully certified – licence number 4799) is recycled as compost or as animal or poultry feed. We use the tried and tested methods of rotations, fertilizing with organic manure and seaweed. We make liquid feeds from nettles and comfrey. We also re-mineralise the soil with Sea-90, de-hydrated sea-water that contains all 90 minerals and elements necessary for life and growth.

Our Suppliers

Our own organic farm is part of a growing movement of organic farmers trying to provide food for their local communities in an environmentally sensitive way. We want to eat food that is grown and raised ethically, and we want provide access to that same food to our customers.

We source our fruit and vegetables from local and Irish suppliers first, and then from as close as possible in Europe as we can. All our suppliers are certified organic. Buying food from Manna is a way to support farmers who are farming in a traditional way, and helping to leave the planet healthier than it was before.

Learn about some of our suppliers.

Why Organic?

Organic is not a new fad. Until 60 or 70 years ago all farming was organic. Farming with chemicals is the fad. Modern organic farming is just people growing food in the traditional way, working with nature and using the best knowledge and research available. Plain simple ingredients grown on healthy soil are full of the vitamins and minerals we need to keep us healthy. Healthy food makes a healthy body.

Want to know more? Read More Here.

Our Location

Manna Organic Store is located in Tralee, Co. Kerry

The Shop is in a building set back from the roundabout between the Garda station and the Bon Secours hospital in Tralee. We have parking out the front which is sometimes patrolled by a car-sensing barrier, please do drive in (it lifts in 10 seconds). View our location here.

Eating Healthy

Most people today are aware of the long-term benefits of a healthy diet. It can take a little more time to cook from scratch, to prepare a healthy meal, but there are ways to make it easier and more fun. We have plenty of recipes on our regularly updated blog to give you ideas. And every time you choose the healthier option you are making a difference. If you don’t know where to start, call into the shop and ask for help – we will always find some way of incorporating one or two small changes into your life that can make a big difference in the way you feel.

Read More – visit our Healthy Eating Blog

Farm Open Days

We know our customers and we like our customers to know us. Our customers shop with us for a variety of reasons, with their health, their ethics, and their taste-buds being the main ones. We know that most of them are very invested in their food, wanting to know more about how and where it is produced.

So we do Farm Open Days where people can come and walk around the farm with us and hear about how we raise our birds and animals and grow our vegetables. We also do Farm Meithal days where we get people together to tackle a specific job or two on the farm and we all eat together afterwards. And we can arrange special tours for specific groups too.

Want to come visit our farm – check out our Farm Open Days Page.

What's Happening on the Farm?


Healthy Recipes

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Staff Picks From The Shop


Supplier Profile: Gortbrack Organic Farm

We have been buying organic vegetables from Ian and Eileen at Gortbrack organic farm for over 8 years now, and are delighted to be able to call them our friends as well as suppliers. Ian has been a great source or help and advice over the years, for which we are truly grateful. Even in the depths of winter we will usually have spinach, salads and herbs from Gortbrack in our store.