Spicy Quinoa with Avocado

I love this quick and tasty 1 pot dish. The lime and avocado give a fresh tang to the spicy quinoa.   Ingredients: 3 or 4 small red onions, chopped 1 small leek, washed and chopped 1 red chili pepper, washed, deseeded and chopped 1 sweet red or yellow...
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Spiral Veg Pie

veg pie
This beautiful vegetable pie is easier to make than it looks. Tastes delicious and is great either hot or cold. This makes it ideal for a picnic, or for dinner with leftovers for lunch.
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Lentil & Cranberry Loaf

Winter is a lovely time for getting together with family and friends. This recipe is a great one for a dinner party, pot luck or for the vegetarian guests at the big holiday dinner. And best of all, any leftovers are delicious cold and make a delicious and satisfying...
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According to Ayurvedic tradition masala chai boosts the immune system, enhances metabolism, relieves stress, aids digestion and sharpens the mind. There are myriad chai recipes associated with various regions in India. Preparation methods vary, too. I usually use the whole spice rather than the ground, and then strain the...
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